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Magic Doesn't Happen By Magic

March 26, 2016



Magic doesn’t happen by magic.  


We have no need to invent miracles, or see the supernatural, to discern patterns where none exist, when we are blessed with natural miracles and magic created by determined action.  Action that leaps over, burrows under, or simply takes apart any and every barrier, brick by brick.


Every seven years every cell in your body is renewed – skin and bone are quick – brain and nerves take some time – the point is: there is none of the ‘you’ that was strolling around seven years ago left, except in dust and rainclouds.


What is it then that holds us together?  – is it really a soul, or merely the expectations of others, one’s habits, or a singular lasting goal?


Without a drop of water, or a glimpse of sun, friendships may last a year, if lucky, a few summers more, at a stretch maybe even a decade, so that when, once more face to face, breathing the same air, we feel in sync before the first hug is over. 


So let me offer my gentle inspiration – my few words on the wing and ask that you believe in life’s only true magic – the magic that holds each of us together and all of us to each – the magic that flows, not from passion, the magic made not by crossing fingers and hoping, not by trusting in fate, but by taking action, brave and bold and strong.


Tom Van Can           copyright TVC 2016

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